Skin Peels

Superficial Facial Peels

I am asked about these gentle peels all the time. I have specially formulated a series of superficial  peels. Nice to know everything that goes into these amber bottles. I have tweaked and perfected a peel that produces virtually no down time.


The amber bottles protect the active ingredients from light degradation.

Here’s a photo of my lovely, gentle peeling agents

Peeling agents

Peeling agents in light protected amber bottles.

A series of 3 – 6 create a dewy freshness and luster to your skin. Peels are scheduled at monthly intervals normally. There is no down-time. Your skin may be reddened for an hour or longer depending on the strength of peel chosen.


Gentle acids exfoliate and hydrate any skin type.

It is non-invasive, relaxing and will polish your skin.

It is a lovely combination of a medical peel with a measure of calm and relaxation.


Depending on the strength of peel. the first peel will leave you with a very clean feeling to your skin. Subsequent peels create a feshness, softness and lustre to your skin.


We usually recommend 3-6 peels depending on the condition of your skin.

Prices are an affordable $210-260 per peel


Book in for an appointment or treatment. It is easy. You will find our clinic friendly and an oasis of calm.

A consultation and medical history will be taken. You will be given information about the treatment along with commonsense post-treatment instructions.

Choose a convenient time and date to book your treatments. We are very accommodating.