Price List

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All treatments undertaken by Dr Anita Hegde.

The cost of the treatment depends on how much is required Everyone’s faces vary in terms of wrinkling and the region requiring fillers. Muscle strength differs depending on your facial muscle use.

Facial Muscle relaxant Starts from $180
$380 for the area between central eyebrows/"number 11's" or frown.

It is less expensive as more is used. Your face will be assessed.
Some patients may require very light treatment and others with stronger facial musculature need a larger dose.

Fillers: Price depends on strength of the premium Hyaluronic acid gel used: Starts from $480 for 0.5 ml.$650 for 1 ml.

Superficial Bespoke facial peels with lactic acid;  Package deal of 3 peels ( $250/peel)=$750 for 3 a package.$320 for a single peel
Devised and formulated by Dr Anita Hegde Series of 3-4 peels, undertaken 1-4 weeks apart. Gives the skin a dewy bloom

SkinPen- $390 for face/ per session.
$500 - face and neck per session. Package of 3-4 treatments usually.

Sclerotherapy- spider leg vein injections. $500/per session - 30-minute session. Both legs may be treated, depending on how extensive the spider veins are. Usually 2+ sessions of injecting spaced 1 month apart are required. Medicare rebates may apply.