Frown Lines & Crows Feet


Anti-wrinkle injections

Repeated use of a muscle group may leave a permanent furrow between the brows. This furrow or line does not disappear, even with the muscle at rest. Often patients describe looking worried or anxious to others when they clearly don’t feel this way. Sometimes, to treat these very deep lines at rest, the muscle is relaxed and the furrow filled with a filler.

As lines start to form between the brows, the judicious use of muscle relaxants in this area can prevent these lines from becoming deeper.

All our treatments are performed in our medical rooms.

The very tiny needles feel like a faint prick or sting. Alternatively, numbing cream can be placed on the skin 30 minutes before treatment but generally, a little ice on the skin is all that is required before treatment.


Frown lines – Before and After injectable facial muscle relaxants


The first image is the patient’s own photo prior to muscle relaxants and the second, several weeks after her first muscle relaxant treatment. She is not frowning in either photo.This is an example of a deep line at rest, which may have required a filler since it was not a dynamic wrinkle but responded very well to muscle relaxation.

Regular treatment will minimise the appearance of these frown lines..

Assessment is always required since there is much individual variation.

Crows Feet